Auger Type Powder Filling Machine


    Sgpharmatec Automatic Single head dry powder auger filler is a versatile filling machine ideal for non-free flowing, fluffy & sticky powders such as Pharmaceuticals powder, talcum powder, tooth powder, custard powder, ground spices etc. High operational comfort with sturdy robust design, sophisticated manufacturing techniques and better material of construction ensures long and trouble-free life. This machine is manufactured strictly adhering to cGMP guidelines making it ideal for powder filling.

    • Auger filler used to fill accurate weight size of powder in bottles and pouches.
    • Auger filler is powder filling equipment which can be set to fill various types of powder.
    • Auger filler is also available with weighing & filling of powder.
    • Powder filling machine also known as auger filler and powder dozing machine which is suitable to fill 1gm to 5000gm of any powder in bottles, cans, jars, tubs.
    • Filling by powder filler or auger filler is completely drip free and accurate in weight.
    • Auger filler is available in servo motor based filler.
    • Desired speed can be achieved by powder filling machine by adding filling heads
    • Auger fillers are available in  single or double heads
    • Powder Filling machine can produce 30-50 bottles per minute by adding multiple heads to filler head
    • Clutch-Break Mechanism (Optional Servo driven)
    • Foot Operated operation
    • 1HP-Mechanical Motor drive
    • PLC Based Control System
    • +/-1% filling accuracy
    • SS 304/316 Contact parts, MS/SS Covers
    • Available in cGMP Model.

    Salient features:

    • Totally enclosed heavy steel structure body to avoid any vibration.
    • Accurate Auger and Funnel having non – sticky characteristic.
    • Filling dose can be adjusted electronically by adjusting time for doing.
    • An attachment with loose funnel for filling the powder in small container.
    • All contact parts are made S.S 316 material and easily removable for mandatory autoclaving/ sterilization.
    • Less Change over from one fill size to another is easy and with no wastage of time.
    • “No Container – No Filling” system eliminates wastage of costly powders.
    • VFD provided to control the speed of the conveyor.
    • In compliance with cGMP.
    • Pre/Post Nitrogen Purging arrangement(optional).
    • Polycarbonate Cabinet covering full machine(optional).
    • PLC and MMI(optional).
    • Servo Motor Driven Filling Head(optional).